Welcome to my blog


Hello there.

Welcome to my blog. The blog is called University, the Universe and Things. I even made a little title image, which I have inserted below for you to look at…

The blog is about – as the name might already suggest – about my experience at university, the universe and anything else I wish to share with you.

Besides the Star Wars universe – obviously, the word “universe” also denotes a vast place called London. This is where I currently study, though I also happen to be here and there.

Below is an image of where I live and of where I study in London.

This is where I live…

and this is where I usually study:

This was in September 2020.

Unfortunately, shortly after these pictures were taken, a virus called SARS-CoV-2 plunged the world as I’ve known it into chaos, and ever since my lecture hall has looked more like this…

It comes at no surprise, then, that the stress caused by the virus (and the first term of online university) has until now made it difficult finding the needed peace of mind to write any posts.

But with a new year (and – arguably – a renewed sense of hope?) around the corner, I am commencing my first piece of work on this blog: I will be documenting my life with one photo every day in 2021, so that at the end of the year I will – in theory – have a collection of 365 photos. Perhaps, one day someone or something will be curious enough to look back at these pictures and muse: “Yes … This truly must have been humanity’s last stand …” Just kidding.

Think of it as a kind of photo journal, which spares me the trouble of writing and spares you the trouble of reading all my rambling thoughts.

Photos are published daily from 01/01/2021 here. Enjoy!