“The Adventures of Innocent” – Creating my first original animation

During my two-year stay in Zimbabwe I was inspired to create an animation, which follows the life of a Zimbabwean boy named Innocent. The project ended up being a two-part series, which put together took two years to make. I made the second episode for the United Nations in Ukraine, raising awareness on their Sustainable Development Goals.

While the first episode is a traditional 3D-stop motion animation with props and characters my friends and I made, the second episode marked my first departure away from traditional 3D-stop motion. The first and last part of the episode is fully computer-animated in Adobe After Effects, while the middle part is a 2D-stop motion animation with the character and set pieces drawn in Adobe Illustrator, then printed out and meticulously put together. In post-production we then retouched and added certain visual effects to the 2D-stop motion animation, like weather and light effects, for instance…

These two animations have been one of my most ambitious and challenging projects up to date with far from everything being perfect. Yet at the end the films constituted a great learning experience (you can see how the quality and complexity of the animation improves from the first episode to the second), were so much fun to make, and prepped me for what was to come in the future…

So, I’d be more than happy if you would check them out!

Episode 1
Running time: 06:00
Year of production: 2016
Country of production: Zimbabwe

Episode 2
Running time: 06:06
Year of production: 2017
Countries of production: Zimbabwe; Ukraine